Friday, September 18, 2009

The Six Pack Winner


After all the entries...(and by all I mean holy cow you kept me busy!)

The winner of the SoftBums 6 Pack (6 covers of your choice of color and 18 microfiber inserts) is

Amy Scott

Here is a picture of her little one in some blue Softbums
Such a sweetie!

I will email you what information you need to e-mail Sarah to recieve your six pack!


If you didn't win this contest, please be sure to enter the currently running contest which will end at the end of this month for a SoftBums basic pack!

Give aways will be happening much more regularly now so stick around, and keep up the twittering!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do the Diaper Dance!!!

I have laundry photos...they are very exciting! :)

I had a question after the previous laundry post about when I do laundry and how many inserts/covers I have left when I do laundry. I am kind of a fluff horde, so I have the luxury to do laundry when it starts to smell in the dirty bucket/when it gets full. But, when I first started and I only had 6 covers/18 inserts, I would do laundry when I had 2 covers left (the one on him, and one clean) or when I had 5 inserts left, 4 clean, and one on him. This worked for me, but you have to plan ahead a little more if you want to do laundry at leasure (aka not being right at the washer to restart or switch).

Baking Soda=awesome! I use about 1-2 Tbsp to my diapers, either the first or second cycle. Usually I add it during the first, unless I forget, then I add it the second time. I find it really helps the diapers deodorize, and stay fresh. Completely optional, just my personal preference. You can find a big box like this at your local grocery store for only a couple bucks.

It doesn't take much detergent. I use Purex free and clear--a reccomendation from Sarah (photo of detergent is below). If you look at this picture closely you can see the marks that the manufacturer puts in the cup. This is all you need, this is even a little heavier than you generally need (I was washing about 12 covers and 25 inserts...just got back from vaca). One really doesn't need a lot of detergent, I too was doubtful of this fact when I started cding...but it is true!!!!!!!!! If you add more than'll probably end up having to do an extra rinse because you will get lots of bubbles.

Here you can see how big the load was (hopefully nothing to icky is showing :)). On the one side you can see all the diapers, the other, I threw my dirty bag in right with the diapers. Also, my cloth wipes go right in with my diapers too. The diaper bag works great too when you're done with the laundry...its like a built in laundry basket. :) Throw them in the bag and take them out to the clothes line, or take them up to put away.

I always wash cold first, then hot. I always do large for the cold wash, then if the load is smaller, I will do medium for the hot save hot water and energy. If I have a really dirty load, I will double up on the cold washes and then do one hot wash at the end.
--note the OLD washer, my diapers still come out white--if my washer can do it, yours can do it blindfolded--

Clean diapers!!!!!! I like to grab one and diaper with it right away...Mason thinks its hillarious to have on a warm diaper--he giggles so hard...I end up in tears laughing so hard! Funny babies!

This is how I store my covers. I stuff mine, fold the insert into thirds and fold the cover over the top. There are many ways to store your fluff, this is just how I like to do it. It took me a while to come up with my system.

These are the inserts, I fold these guys in thirds and stack into my bins.

My bins sit nice in the changing table. I got these at Target a few months ago. Just to the right of the insert bins, I have my doublers sitting on the shelf, and just below is the cloth wipes warmer. Prince lion heart has a cloth warmer out and it is awesome (you can see the warmer in 2nd pic in the bottom left...its white)! However, don't buy their wipes, they fall apart! I have a bunch from Sarah at Softbums, and you can easily make your own. Make sure you either serge or turn over your edges though otherwise your fabric will unravel and get stuck in your hook and loop (just the hook)....which stinks to pull out! I found out the hard way. You can always wash them separate...I just thought that was not necessary.

I like the blue monster towel...he is so cute!

This is a pic showing how I air dry my covers between uses. It may seem obvious, but recently I realized I could velcro them on here so they don't fall off! Which is awesome! I hang them here to air dry when they are just wet, then use another insert when they are dry. This is why I LOVE our SoftBums! They are multi-use! I can sometimes get 2 covers to last a full day! Then the next day, I use those 'dirty' diapers (they aren't dirty, but have been wet a few times) to diaper when I expect #2 to arrive. That is how I rotate.

OOOH, and at night, I double. Mason is a heavy wetter, so we do two inserts at night. Works like a charm.

This is my lil man. I took this the other day when I was at my moms. We were just hanging out outside, so I decided to let his lil butt air out (You can see a little dimpling from the texture on the insert)! I thought it was a cute pic, and it also shows how nice his skin is on his behind! Thank you SoftBums for keeping my baby's bum, soft!

Ok, ladies (and gents) I need your help! We are buying a new house and moving around the 24th of Sept. I have a blank canvas to paint in Mason's new room! Any ideas/tips that you have for me would be great! All I know I want to do is paint a small area with that chalkboard paint! Dad is pushing for Viking's colors, but that isn't going to happen!

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We are doing another give away, this time for a SoftBums Basic Pack. This includes one cover (choose one of our 6 colors) and 3 microfiber snap in inserts. These all-in-one diapers are a perfect fit for newborn babies up to potty training toddlers!

This is the perfect opportunity to try out our diapers, or add to your stash!!!

Entry rules:
1. Make sure you put contact information (email) with your first post, so we can contact you when you win.
2. If you have a common name, distinguish yourself in each post so I can keep the entries straight!
3. Your entries will be counted through the comments on the blog, so keep us updated on how you're entering! (You must include any links to posts/refferals a review on a blog, send us that website...just like before)

Ways to enter
***for 1 entry***
1. Become a fan on facebook (link at top of page)
2. Follow us on twitter (link at top of page)
3. Send pictures of your little one in Softbums to
4. Post in the comments of this blog about you, if you're cd ing already, or why youre interested, how long you've been cding...etc.
5. Comment on other posts (send us the link)/ forums or blogs
6. Once for each time you reply to us on twitter or facebook (make sure you tell us what time and date that you replied)

7. NEW!!!--refer a friend, if your friend starts entering, have them refer to you in their first post, you will get one entry and they will get one entry! If, they place a new order, you also get 5 points!!!

***two entries***
1. Post a review (if you add pictures it will be 1 more entry) on your blog/website, or if you don't have your own, post a review on a website that carries Softbums.

***five entries****
1. Place a new order!

This contest will run to the end of the month! Enter away!

Good Luck!


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