Thursday, October 1, 2015

How To Get Through Other People's Opinion of Cloth Diapering

We have all had it done to us. You say you use cloth diapers and BAM! There it is.... the stink eye. Old people, young people, other moms, they all have the same reaction at first. They give you that look, and then ...
.....Then comes the comments

"That's disgusting"
"Why wouldn't you just use disposable?"
"You're brave"
"Your baby won't reach milestones on time"
"Don't all your clothing will smell like poop!?!?"

Some suggestions to combat the negativity:

Nope that's not the way Batman, sorry. 

First, remember they do not know what they think they know about cloth diapering, don't get angry keep your cool.

Here are 5 ways to help you get over this speed bump. 

1. Determine what motivates others

While your spouse might be motivated by the cost savings, your childcare provider might be motivated by ease of use, and your friends might be convinced with environmentally friendly. Let that motivator be your focus when explaining to them why you are choosing cloth diapers for your baby(also it never hurts to pull out some cloth diapering statistics).

It's been estimated that it takes 250-500 years for disposables to decompose in a landfill! 

2. Consider a name change

Call them reusable diapers, modern cloth diapers, or call them by brand name (i.e. Soft Bums) when introducing them to others. Sometimes just using a different word or phrase will make people forget about their previous judgments.

I love my SoftBums, they're so reliable and cute!

3. Show them off

 Having a sample diaper on hand to explain how they work can help ease most people’s fears about cloth diapers. Remember that most people still haven’t seen all the new varieties of cloth diapers that are available. When people think of cloth diapers they think of the safety pin and rubber pants! Get ready to have their mind blown away with awesomeness!

The future is now.

4. Remember to talk about how easy they are to use

They are just as easy as disposable diapers.  Debunk the common myths like having to swish them in the toilet. Show them diaper sprayers and even spray shields. Let your husband talk about how easy they are, and that he doesn't even have to ask questions when using them.

Even Grandma loves them.

5. Ask them to consider a trial period 

If you are approaching a childcare facility or caregiver about cloth diapering and you receive any hesitations have them consider a trial period. Chances are that after they see how easy they are to use they won’t object.

Just try them for a week, you'll get the hang of it.

At first when I was told by my best friend that she was cloth diapering her daughter, I gave the stink eye too. But with some simple explanation and some research it was a hook line and sinker for me.  Educate them and watch the stink eye turn into WOW!

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Saturday, June 27, 2015


CELEBRATE!!!!  and WIN!!!!








I pulled the 2 tiny hidden toggles out of their hidey hole for you to see them!  

If you haven't heard about SoftBums Diapers yet, and why they are sooooo amazing....
They are a SoftBums ONLY Patented Design that makes it so you never have to worry about a good fit!  Even from birth on your tiny itty bitty squishy 6lb or under newborn!!!!!!! To read more about "Why you NEED SoftBums in your stash"  HERE is a link that will tell you why!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Washing Stinky Diapers!! How to get your wash routine righted!

The Smell! The Odor! The Horror! 
Oh My!!

Getting the CORRECT wash routine is just about the most important thing when it comes down to cloth diapering in my opinion.  You can have all the pretty diapers you want but if they just plain STINK.... there is no point!  I thought that I had my wash routine down perfect.  I followed all the popular generalized directions for the "best"  ways to wash and strip your diapers.  How could I have been more wrong! 

I had never used cloth until having my 3rd son! (yes 3 boys!)  My cousin introduced me to cloth and after much research I found SoftBums!  So having found THE diaper was just about the best thing ever!  I decided to start clothing him from the beginning.  A few weeks ago I decided to embark on the quest to diaper my middle boy.  It was scary going from EBF (exclusively breast fed) poop to regular poop!  I noticed however that my son's pee was super strong, and I mean STRONG!  I'd open the door to his bedroom in the morning and get smacked in the face by a urine soaked skunk smell!  YUCK!  I just about lost all hope in cloth diapering him, I just figured hey... he pees a lot and must have super strong pee!  I guess cloth for him won't work.   After discussing it over with a friend, we went over my wash routine.  Turns out..... it was wrong!  I never thought to look at my wash routine because I thought I had fixed it early on by following the directions of a popular site! 

Here is What My Wash Routine WAS...

1st WASH
1/4 cup borax (because of hard water)
1/4 cap detergent
wash on cold on small load
2nd WASH
1/4 cup borax (because of hard water)
3/4 cap detergent
wash on hot on heavy load

NOW my NEW and Fixed Wash Routine is.....

1st WASH
  1. 1 TBS Washing Soda
  2. 1/4-1/3 the recommended amount detergent (so if the cap has a #1 line, you need to use 1/4 up to the #1 line) 
  3. Wash on COLD with options: Permenant Press, heavy, low spin, extra rinse, pre-wash

2nd WASH
  1. 1 TBS Washing Soda
  2. NO Detergent
  3. Wash on HOT with options: Permenant Press, heavy, high spin, extra rinse, pre-wash

Sigh of relief, yes I can continue to cloth diaper my middle son, and youngest.  The thought of having to go to disposables again stressed me out.  With things being so tight cloth was the obvious answer, and the very thought of having to go to disposables makes me cringe.  The leaks, the waste, the money, the chemicals, the REAL horror!  I am so glad that after a good stripping of my diapers, I'm ready to go again!  And this time with no stink!  

Written by Kate mom of 3 boys, user of SoftBums Diapers

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to Choose a Midwife or OB! 10 Important Questions to Ask!

Have you ever thought about a natural birth, but didn't know where to turn next?
  This is a HUGE decision, and it's impossible to just know what to ask on your own!  We are here to help!  SoftBums is connected to a wide range of family friendly services, and we've reached out to help you!

Our friends at Minnesota Families for Midwifery have put together a fabulous list of 10 Questions to ask a Midwife!

(These questions can also be used in interviewing ANY Dr,  OB, CNMW, or Doula as well. It's better to be informed ladies, as this is a big decision!)  

And, Don't Forget!!  SoftBums has a HUGE New Release coming soon!  stay tuned and join our email HERE

Having a Baby?
Ten Questions to Ask
©2000 Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS).
Have you decided how to have your baby?
The choice is yours!
First, you should learn as much as you can about all your choices. There are many different ways of caring for a mother and her baby during labor and birth.
Birthing care that is better and healthier for mothers and babies is called “mother-friendly.” Some birth places or settings are more mother-friendly than others.
A group of experts in birthing care came up with this list of 10 things to look for and ask about. Medical research supports all of these things. These are
also the best ways to be mother-friendly.
When you are deciding where to have your baby, you'll probably be choosing from different places such as:
     birth center,
     hospital, or
     home birth service.
Here’s what you should expect, and ask for, in your birth experience. Be sure to find out how the people you talk with handle these 10 issues about caring for you and your baby. You may want to ask the questions below to help you learn more.
1.   Ask, “Who can be with me during labor and birth?”
Mother-friendly birth centers, hospitals, and home birth services will let a birthing mother decide whom she wants to have with her during the birth. This includes fathers, partners, children, other family members, or friends.
They will also let a birthing mother have with her a person who has special training in helping women cope with labor and birth. This person is called a doula or labor support person. She never leaves the birthing mother alone. She encourages her, comforts her, and helps her understand what’s happening to her.
They will have midwives as part of their staff so that a birthing mother can have a midwife with her if she wants to.
2.   Ask, “What happens during a normal labor and birth in your setting?”
If they give mother-friendly care, they will tell you how they handle every part of the birthing process. For example, how often do they give the mother a drug to speed up the birth? Or do they let labor and birth usually happen on its own timing?
They will also tell you how often they do certain procedures. For example, they will have a record of the percentage of C-sections (Cesarean births) they do every year. If the number is too high, you’ll want to consider having your baby in another place or with another doctor or midwife.
Here are some numbers we recommend you ask about.
·         They should not use oxytocin (a drug) to start labor for more than 1 in 10 women (10%).
·         They should not do an episiotomy (ee-pee-zee-AH-tummy) on more than 1 in 5 women (20%). They should be trying to bring that number down. (An episiotomy is a cut in the opening to the vagina to make it larger for birth. It is not necessary most of the time.)
·         They should not do C-sections on more than 1 in 10 women (10%) if it’s a community hospital. The rate should be 15% or less in hospitals which care for many high-risk mothers and babies.
A C-section is a major operation in which a doctor cuts through the mother’s stomach into her womb and removes the baby through the opening. Mothers who have had a C-section can often have future babies normally. Look for a birth place in which 6 out of 10 women (60%) or more of the mothers who have had C-sections go on to have their other babies through the birth canal.
3.   Ask, “How do you allow for differences in culture and beliefs?”
Mother-friendly birth centers, hospitals, and home birth services are sensitive to the mother’s culture. They know that mothers and families have differing beliefs, values, and customs.
For example, you may have a custom that only women may be with you during labor and birth. Or perhaps your beliefs include a religious ritual to be done after birth. There are many other examples that may be very important to you. If the place and the people are mother-friendly, they will support you in doing what you want to do. Before labor starts tell your doctor or midwife special things you want.
4.   Ask, “Can I walk and move around during labor?
What position do you suggest for birth?”
In mother-friendly settings, you can walk around and move about as you choose during labor. You can choose the positions that are most comfortable and work best for you during labor and birth. (There may be a medical reason for you to be in a certain position.) Mother-friendly settings almost never put a woman flat on her back with her legs up in stirrups for the birth.
5.   Ask, “How do you make sure everything goes smoothly when my nurse, doctor, midwife, or agency need to work with each other?”
Ask, “Can my doctor or midwife come with me if I have to be moved to another place during labor? Can you help me find people or agencies in my community who can help me before and after the baby is born?”
Mother-friendly places and people will have a specific plan for keeping in touch with the other people who are caring for you. They will talk to others who give you birth care. They will help you find people or agencies in your community to help you. For example, they may put you in touch with someone who can help you with breastfeeding.
6.   Ask, “What things do you normally do to a woman
in labor?”
Experts say some methods of care during labor and birth are better and healthier for mothers and babies. Medical research shows us which methods of care are better and healthier. Mother-friendly settings only use methods that have been proven to be best by scientific evidence.
Sometimes birth centers, hospitals, and home birth services use methods that are not proven to be best for the mother or the baby. For example, research has shown it’s usually not helpful to break the bag of waters.
Here is a list of things we recommend you ask about. They do not help and may hurt healthy mothers and babies. They are not proven to be best for the mother or baby and are not mother-friendly.
·      They should not keep track of the baby’s heart rate all the time with a machine (called an electronic fetal monitor). Instead it is best to have your nurse or midwife listen to the baby's heart from time to time.
·      They should not break your bag of waters early in labor.
·      They should not use an IV (a needle put into your vein to give you fluids).
·      They should not tell you that you can't eat or drink during labor.
·      They should not shave you.
·      They should not give you an enema.
A birth center, hospital, or home birth service that does these things for most of the mothers is not mother-friendly. Remember, these should not be used without a special medical reason.
7.   Ask, “How do you help mothers stay as comfortable as they can be? Besides drugs, how do you help mothers relieve the pain of labor?”
The people who care for you should know how to help you cope with labor. They should know about ways of dealing with your pain that don’t use drugs. They should suggest such things as changing your position, relaxing in a warm bath, having a massage and using music. These are called comfort measures.
Comfort measures help you handle your labor more easily and help you feel more in control. The people who care for you will not try to persuade you to use a drug for pain unless you need it to take care of a special medical problem. All drugs affect the baby.
8. Ask, “What if my baby is born early or has special problems?”
Mother-friendly places and people will encourage mothers and families to touch, hold, breastfeed, and care for their babies as much as they can. They will encourage this even if your baby is born early or has a medical problem at birth. (However, there may be a special medical reason you shouldn't hold and care for your baby.)
9.   Ask, “Do you circumcise baby boys?”
Medical research does not show a need to circumcise baby boys. It is painful and risky. Mother-friendly birth places discourage circumcision unless it is for religious reasons.
10. Ask, “How do you help mothers who want to breastfeed?”
The World Health Organization made this list of ways birth services support breastfeeding.
·         They tell all pregnant mothers why and how to breastfeed.
·         They help you start breastfeeding within
1 hour after your baby is born.
·         They show you how to breastfeed. And they show you how to keep your milk coming in even if you have to be away from your baby for work or other reasons.
·         Newborns should have only breast milk. (However, there may be a medical reason they cannot have it right away.)
·         They encourage you and the baby to stay together all day and all night. This is called “rooming-in.”
·         They encourage you to feed your baby whenever he or she wants to nurse, rather than at certain times.
·         They should not give pacifiers (“dummies” or “soothers”) to breastfed babies.
·         They encourage you to join a group of mothers who breastfeed. They tell you how to contact a group near you.
·         They have a written policy on breastfeeding. All the employees know about and use the ideas in the policy.
·        They teach employees the skills they need to carry out these steps.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The SoftBums Limerick

This past week we held a limerick contest for a hard to find starter kit in the SoftBums SuperFans Facebook group and we had such a hard time picking the winner! We decided that we needed to have a few prizes for the honorable mentions along with our grand prize winner Cassy R! We loved how she worked that hard to find print in, so clever! 

Here was the winning limerick and to see the others, join the SoftBums SuperFans group!

There once was a boy who used SoftBums.
A better fit? You can't find one!
Plus bacon and eggs,

Wrapped round his legs
Put a smile on the face of his mum :)

Honorable mentions:

Sarah D.
There one was a girl in Dakota
Who filled diapers, more than her quota.
She found Slide2Size
Would fit her big thighs
From Softbums in Minnesota!

Megan S.
There once was a little heiny.
That was so cute and tiny.
In need of a cover.
There could be no other.
SoftBums makes diapering so tidy!

Brittaney L.
Softbums, our first cloth diaper love,
Not only does the job but goes beyond and above.
No leaks, no blowouts, plus diaper galore,
I promise, you'll be left wanting more!

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Inserts, Flats, and the Cowardly Lion

Dirty Diaper Laundry issued a challenge to the cloth mamas of the world: For a full week, use only flat diapers, and also abandon your washer and hand wash those flats.

When I heard of this challenge I conveniently interpreted the challenge as, "use flats within your normal routine, and don't even think about hand washing are you cray cray?" It's called selective reading, and it's an epidemic. (Not really, but saying it is makes me feel better.) 

Here's the thing. I LOVE my Softbums diapers. That includes their snap in One Size Bamboo Super Pods. So upon being presented with this challenge my Cowardly Lion began to show. "but, but, bamboo is so trim and absorbent! If I switch to flats who knows what could happen?! I could get... leaks! Dun Dun Dun!" I thought (Yes, dun dun dun played in my thought process) I resolved to try it anyway! I determined I would pad fold some receiving blankets, and tri-fold some prefolds, and just lay them in like inserts. 

In Echo Shells

In Omni Shells

Voila! That was really easy. My Cowardly Lion began to feel an inkling of confidence. Sure enough, the next diaper change arrives without incident. Followed by the next, and the one after, and the one after that. Hooray for no leaks! And they fit in the shells just dandy, even the narrower Echo shells.

Echo with a Receiving Blanket Flat

Her Normal Night Diaper With Inserts
The flat is about as fluffy as her regular night time diapers

Echo with Hemp Prefold

Just as trim and absorbent as the Bamboo Super Pod, but will bunch and sag if not placed in and pinned under the snap/hook and loop properly.


  • I conquered that Cowardly Lion like a boss. #winning
  • Using the receiving blankets made for a fluffier bum for sure, they're just not as trim as that bamboo. Also not quite as absorbent, but like I said, no leaks.
  • The hemp prefolds were actually really trim and absorbent 
  • I may have conquered the Lion, but I've yet to conquer... being lazy. Which is to say, you have to fold flats, like, every time you wash them, and the sloth in me says "Girl, ain't no time for that!"
  • Yes you also have to fold prefolds, ironic considering their name, but it's like, flap this side down, flap this other side over it. easy enough to keep the sloth at bay.
  • In a pinch, or facing the need for a more cost effective insert solution, some flats will do the trick just fine, but I favor the ease and convenience of the snap in pods.

Good Day Fellow Cloth Warriors!

*This post was written by Emily! She is one of our SuperFans in our SoftBums SuperFans Facebook group!

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Have you tried flats in your SoftBums?

One of our SoftBums SuperFans Melinda tried receiving blanket flats for the first time this last week! Here's what she says about her experience!

When it comes to cloth diapers, I’ve tried it all. AIO’s, AI2’s, pockets, covers and prefolds, fitteds, hybrids, wool, onesize, sized, you name it, I’ve tried it. The only type of diaper I haven’t tried yet would be flats; and I really had no interest. It just seemed like so much extra work, and my Softbums Omni shells and bamboo pods work so well forus, why change it up? So when the Dirty Diaper Laundry flats challenge came up, I didn’t really give it a thought. I don’t own any flats, so why add the extra work? As I was cleaning my daughter’s room I found a stack of about 10 or so receiving blankets from when she was a newborn that we don’t use anymore, then I thought to myself, “These can be flats. You already have enough SoftBums shells to use as covers.” So I dove right into the challenge.

The first time I put the flat (receiving blanket) into the shell, I just folded it up until it sort of resembled a rectangular shape and stuck it into the shells if it were a pod. My initial reaction was, “Boy this puppy is thick!” So thick in fact that I had to let the leg elastic out quite a bit.   Besides from being bulky, it was pretty much the same as using a pod inside. My daughter didn’t seem bothered by the bulk, and although some of her pants were a little tight, we survived the first day without an issue. 

Now for night time… I’ll admit I was a little scared. My daughter has only recently started sleeping through the night and I find that to be AMAZING!!!! So anything that might jeopardize that incredibly wonderful phenomenon that most parents look forward too, I avoid at all costs. But, I would feel like I cheated the flats challenge if I didn’t try it at night, so here went nothing. As I’m getting my daughter ready for bed I’m thinking to myself, “She is going to feel the wetness and wake up and never go back to sleep and I’m going to be miserable!” I reluctantly fastened her shell, dressed her in PJ’s, and placed her into bed. That was the last I heard from her that night. She didn’t seem to be bothered by the wetness at all, and in fact the flat was surprisingly absorbent. We had no leaks, no strong smells in the morning, and most importantly, no fussing baby! Oh and yes, my baby brushes her own teeth, pretty cool huh??   

All in all I’d say the challenge was a success. I probably won't use flats again anytime soon. But it’s good to know that they are there in a pinch. I think flats are a great option for someone just starting out, who can’t afford to buy all the pods at once, or maybe can’t afford to buy pods at all. SoftBums shells are a great choice to use as a cover. It was very helpful to have the slide to size option, as it was so easy to size the shell to fit my baby with a bulky flat. You could potentially even stuff the flat into an Omni shell to try to get more of a stay dry feeling. I am very proud to say that I have tried EVERY type of cloth diaper you can imagine, and we are back to using our favorite bamboo pods inside our beloved SoftBums shells!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Have you heard of the Flats Diaper Challenge?

The flats diaper challenge is a 5 day "hand-washing" challenge, where moms from all over take the plunge (no pun intended) to raise awareness that not only can cloth diapers be extremely affordable, but that you don't even need a washing machine or dryer to do it!!
Moms from all walks of life can cloth diaper their babies.

The challenge is started with nothing more than a couple of diaper covers (shells), a snappi (optional) and a day or two worth of flat diapers (diaper flats, receiving blankets, old t-shirts, flour sack towels).
You "hand-wash" your flats and shells in a sink, basin or bucket, using tools like a washing plunger or even your hands (we recommend using latex gloves).

When I first started cloth diapering almost 3 years ago with the arrival of my third daughter, we started with flats and covers.
We’ve moved on to try other things since then, but I have never forgotten the low price, ease of cleaning and awesome absorbency of our beloved flats! 
For the 2015 challenge, ready with a brand new 2 month old, I have pulled them back out again to try in my all-time favorite fitting cover (you guessed it, Softbums)!

You guys, I am LOVING IT!
Look how trim this stuffed Omni and Ai2 Echo are with a flat inside!


Check out my video about how simple it is to lay a flat diaper in your shell:

If you too are using flats with your Softbums or are participating in this year’s challenge, or even if you just want to try something like flats out for a day, share with us, we want to see!

Also, check out these links for tips on hand washing )
folding your flats ( ) and why Kim was first inspired to start this challenge on her blog Dirty Diaper laundry.

Happy diapering!
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Friday, March 27, 2015

SoftBums NEW Print "Ripple" for Spring!


We are so happy to be releasing a NEW gender neutral print for Spring!!

"Ripple" will be available at and at your favorite retailers while supplies last!  This one is cute, so don't let it pass your baby by!


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