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SoftBums is the husband and wife team of Sarah and Brian Van Bogart. We're based in Minnesota and have been selling the unique diapering system, formerly called PerfectFit, since 2008.

Sarah Van Bogart, founder, co-owner, and designer for SoftBums, has been sewing and designing diapers for over 10 years. She brings her unique experience as a mother of six, La Leche League leader, and even training as a midwife to this small but diverse company. She works hard to provide the best quality she possibly can, because she knows how frustrating it is to have a diaper that fits badly, leaks or wears out after just a few months.

The Slide²Size system is the result of years of designs and prototypes in Sarah's quest to create the perfect one-size-fits-all diaper. It all started when one of Sarah's friends bought a whole supply of small size diapers for their newborn son. They loved the diapers, but before long he had outgrown them all! They were so frustrated that they decided not to buy more diapers in a larger size and started using disposables instead. Sarah knew there had to be a better way and started working on her first one-size design. This was in 2003, and hundreds of prototypes and patterns later, the SoftBums one-size-fits-all diaper was born!

As awesome as the original one-size SoftBums diaper was, it was made even better with adjustable leg elastic. It was Sarah's husband Brian, with his technical background, who helped inspire the adjustable leg design now known as Slide²Size. With Slide²Size, babies with super skinny legs as well as babies with super chubby legs get to wear the same diaper and have a nice trim fit with no leaks! Pregnant moms can finally buy a diaper before baby is born and know that SoftBums will actually fit their tiny 6 lb newborn and last until potty training no matter what size or shape Baby is!

SoftBums now sells the Echo and Omni diaper systems with Slide²Size on www.softbums.com and through a growing list of stores in the US and Canada. Check one out now and discover why we think this is the best-fitting diaper in the world!

Because Sarah and Brian are committed to quality, SoftBums is committed to quality, and you can see that quality in everything we make. We're so confident in that quality, in fact, that we offer a 1 year limited warranty on everything we make.

We want to see you be successful with cloth diapers, and we'll do our best to help you along. If you have any questions about diapering, whether it be how to care for them, how to use them, how to solve a problem or even just what you should buy to get started, we're here for you! Just contact us at info@softbums.com and we'll help you out as best we can.

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Megan Schultz-

Megan is a Minnesota mother of two, a son who is 3 and a daughter who is 18 months. She is a 'retired' chemist and is currently back in school for her nursing degree. She hopes to become a midwife to provide services to those who cannot afford them. She has been using SoftBums since her son was a month old and has never looked back. She has experienced a lot of the common questions with SoftBums and has a lot of knowledge to share. MeganSchultz@softbums.com

Nikita Markie-

Nikita is the oldest of Sarah's 6 children, and has been helping in small ways before becoming a team member. She enjoys children and babies, as well as learning Japanese as a hobby, and hopes to someday travel the world. She has experience helping customers and informing people about cloth diapers and how they work by learning from her parents. Nikita loves science and research, it helps us stay up to date and be able to properly inform our fans and customers about cloth diapers, the environment, and the ever changing world we live in. StumbleUpon
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