Friday, April 16, 2010

Inserts Inserts Inserts.....Explained

We have recently expanded our selection of inserts with the addition of the super-dry touch inserts, and this has added a common question..."What is the difference between all the inserts?"

I will make an attempt to explain the differences.

Let's start with the Doublers.

These little guys come in either Dry Touch  or Organic Bamboo, but don't let their small size fool you...they are amazingly absorbent and a must have for any cloth diapering system. They are perfect for older babies, heavy wetters, nap time, and bed time. They add that extra boost of absorbency right where you need it without adding bulk.

Although these little guys don't have the snap to keep them in place, they work wonders as a newborn insert. Just place in your SoftBums (or any) cover and they stay in place amazingly well. These Doublers are just as soft as our inserts! Using your Doubler as a Newborn Insert will diaper your baby 4-12 weeks, and then can be used as baby grows as....Doublers!

Now for the inserts...

We offer several types of full size inserts for your SoftBums. Our Dry-Touch microfiber insert, Dry-Touch SUPER Dry-Touch Insert, Bamboo Dry-Touch Insert, and the Organic Bamboo Insert.

All of the SoftBums Inserts are extra long, so they can be doubled over where baby needs the absorbency most (front for boys, middle for girls). And, when washed, it allows the insert to dry quicker, saving valuable time and resources. Every insert has a snap on the back, to keep it in place in the SoftBums cover. Keep in mind, these inserts would be great in any cover too!

Dry-Touch Microfiber Insert:
These have 2 layers of microfiber terry and are topped with a layer of super soft (all fabrics are Optical Brightener FREE) Dry-Touch micro-fleece. The Fleece keeps baby feeling dry, and helps poops roll right off. These inserts are topped with a synthetic fabric, but be assured it breathes very well, keeping baby cool even in the summer. The synthetic fabric resists staining very well, and if a stain occurs, they are easily sun bleached back to their original color (or close). These inserts have 2 layers of micro fiber terry, and are topped with dry-touch micro fiber fleece.

My opinion: These are what I use for every day use, it is what I have the most of, and love the most. Before SoftBums came out with the SUPER inserts, I would use two of these for overnight. If my inserts are stained, its from butt cream I wiped off my hand onto the liner...oops. These are all I've ever used, I started CDing when Mason was about 6 weeks, and I never used the doublers as inserts.

Dry-Touch Organic Bamboo Insert:
These inserts have 3 layers of organic bamboo fleece, and are topped with the super soft microfiber fleece. The micro fleece is the same as on the dry touch insert, which keeps baby feeling dry, helps poops roll off, and resists staining. While the microfiber terry (as in the dry-touch insert) is VERY absorbent, the bamboo is just a little bit better at absorbing, and when topped with the microfiber fleece to keep baby dry, they make for a happy dry baby.

My opinion: I do not personally own any of these, mainly because they are a pretty new release! I would think that they would be great, the extra absorbency of the bamboo, and the roll off, non staining of the microfiber...perfect!

Dry-Touch Super Insert:
These inserts are truly SUPER! They have 3 layers of micro fiber terry, and are topped with dry-touch micro fiber fleece. They are extra soft, and provide the maximum absorbency for heavy wetters, nap times, and bed times. These are made with the Optical Brighter Free Fabrics, which is healthier and safer for baby and the environment.

My opinion: WHAT A LIFE SAVER! Sarah and Softbums is always thinking, coming up with new ideas! I used to use two regular inserts for bed time, but lately, he hasn't seemed to need THAT much absorbency, but still needed more than the insert and doubler could provide, then WALLAH, along came the supers! This bad boy will hold him throughout the night (full 12 hours), with no leaks, and and absorbency to spare! I LOVE these supers! My son used to be a heavy wetter, and if these were available a while ago, I would have bought them up. They do have that extra layer, so they are a little fluffier, but are still so trim fitting they would work perfect for daytime use under clothing if needed!

Organic Bamboo Insert:
This is the Rolls Royce of inserts! It has 3 layers of organic bamboo fleece, topped with the softest, of soft fabrics called Bamboo Velour, and it too is organic (termed our OBV insert). The extra absorbency that bamboo provides is impossible to over-look in these inserts! They stay feeling dry, and stay soft for a long time! Wash after wash, they seem to keep getting softer...if that is possible!

My opinion: These babies are the best of the best! So absorbent, so soft, and so NATURAL and ORGANIC. When I got my first set, I was confused, they were huge! Don't worry, they shrink down to the size of the standard insert! I was worried the softness would dissipate with each wash, but it hasn't-they have stayed soft and soooo absorbent wash after wash. The only con to these the same as any natural fiber insert, is they will stain. However, they are diapers, and if it really is bothersome to you, they will bleach out pretty well in the sun (sun drying). Just like anything line drying will make them feel crunchy when they are done drying outside, toss em in the dryer (I like to throw in a just damp towel ...maybe one I used to shower with that day) and they will loosen right back up. Splurge, and use these, they are so worth it!

Coming soon!
I am going to work on a little science project, and rate the inserts in their absorbency! I have big goals for this...prepped vs. not prepped, each different kind of insert...hopefully even doublers...oooh how exciting! Stay Tuned for that!
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mason in Softbums


At Mason's 9 month photoshoot, I had the photographer take a quick couple pics of my lil man in his Softbums. I just love this pic...his little chubby rolls on his tummy and his not so little thighs. Going to show how how this diaper can fit babies of chubby or skinny thighs!

I love my SoftBums! StumbleUpon
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Thank you for visiting us at the Expo!


The baby expo was a great success for us at Softbums!

Eventhough the Baby and Kid's Expo landed on one of the first GORGEOUS Minnesota weekends, a lot of people ventured inside for a few hours and visited us at the Sofbums booth!

It was great to speak with people who already were using Sofbums' drawstring diapers, and those who were expecting their first or third baby and venturing into the world of cloth diapering! It was great to meet everybody and hear feedback about our diapers! We had great reception from everybody, and want to say a special thank you to all the retailers that took the time to speak with us about possibly carrying our diapers in their stores!

The expo was a great way to see what other baby/kids/mom vendors are out there! It was great to make my way past (I was chasing my 1 year old) all the vendors, and even see some old friends! If you didn't hear about it this year, make sure to mark it on your calendar for next year! StumbleUpon
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

SoftBums at the MN Baby and Kids Expo!

Come see us at the MN Baby and Kids Expo this weekend!

Email me for a $4 off coupon too!

There will be lots of fun stuff to see and do.

It's at 10 am-5 sat and sun at the Convention Center in Minneapolis.

I will be doing a Class on Modern Diapering on Sun too.

Hope to see ya there! StumbleUpon
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Friday, April 2, 2010


After a long awaited result, the process is over, a month of entries and so many guesses on the new SoftBums prints...we are proud to announce all of our new prints along with our winners for the biggest give away we have ever done! Thank you again for all the entries and support!

Here are all of our new prints that we have in stock (I am sure they will go quick!)

First, Giraffes! Available in both aplix and coordinating (and ooh soo cute snaps). This extra soft cover feels like your t-shirt and like all SoftBums is lined with the softest microfiber you can find, and those one of a kind adjustable legs!

Next is PowderPuffs! Which is also available in both aplix and matching snaps! The sweet print and oh so soft lining is perfect for your little "Oooga booga" PowderPuff, boy or girl!

Last, but not least are the adorable Happy Robots! These, like the others are available in aplix or snaps. It is the perfect little one size fits all diaper, oh so soft, and oh so adjustable!

Make sure you check them all out at SoftBums' website!

Now, who can forget Lator Gator!? This was SoftBums' first ever print and it was a huge hit! So, don't forget to snap some of these bad boys up too! Available in aplix and snaps!

Why the hub-ub over the prints? Because that is what our winners have won!

First place: SoftBums 6 Pack!
Thats 18 snap-ins and 6 doublers.  That pack will last all day for a Newborn with 18 changes, or 2 days for an older baby! In the winner's choice of cover designs

And the winner is....
Suzanne Brown! Congratulations!

Second Place: SoftBums basic pack in each (3) of the new prints!!!

That is 3 covers, one of each new print, 9 snap-ins, and 3 doublers!

And the winner is...
Aubrie Williams!!!! Congratulations!

Third place, a SoftBums basic pack, in one of the new prints!

That is one of the famous SoftBums' covers, 3 inserts and one doubler in the so sweet new prints!

The winner is....
Heidi J.

Congrats to all the winners! StumbleUpon
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