Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slide2Size SoftBums Party!!!


Join us Thursday night (7/29) for #Slide2Size with @SoftBums

Introducing the SoftBums Echo diaper with the patent pending Slide²Size system.  The Echo is a super trim hybrid diaper and has been voted the best one-size diaper for newborns.  It really is the a perfect diaper for EVERY size baby.  Soft Bums has revamped their website and their blog and has more surprises coming soon. 
Date:  Thursday, July 29th, 2010 – 9pm ET
Hosts: @EcoChicParties (and @TheEcoChic), @SoftBums, @SoftBumsMama
Hashtags: #Slide2Size, #clothdiapers
Twelve (12) individual winners will each get to take home a SoftBums Echo Solo Pack (Solo pack includes 1 pod (insert) and 1 Echo shell with Slide²Size).
The Grand Prize winner will get to take home either 1) Trial SoftBums Echo Pack with Slide²Size <6 pods, 2 mini pods, and 2 shells> OR 2) the new SoftBums Echo Newborn Booster Pack <24 mini pods and 4 shells>. 
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Exciting News at SoftBums!!

Exciting new news at SoftBums!!!

Can you guess what it will be??

Guess right and you may win!!!

Stay tuned to for more

Have a great day! :))
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